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To/Die/For is back for a fourth release after another line-up re-vamp. The melancholic gothic hard rock sound that the band is well-known for remains, along with the returning vocals of Jape Peratalo to re-strengthen the gloomy sound of the band. The inclusion of a cover of U2 New Year’s Day does provides a good indication of the overall feel of this release as the '80s sound and in particular the new wave sound constitute a major part of IV and Autumn Forever and This World Is Made For Me provide the clearest proof of that. No Turning Back and Fragmented provide a slightly harder edge musically but do move back to the gothic sound before long. The two and a half minute closer Last Breath features vocals and not much else and would seem befitting of a Type O Negative song.
No one can claim to have mistakenly bought a To/Die/For album expecting anything but many of the clichés of gothic, rock and new wave. - Anna Tergel

This album is so to die for. It is a gashing wound of emotional pain. I read that in Cosmo. Like, my ex-boyfriend’s new girltoy is any better. I knooow I am so much pettier. Like, this band from Finland is like so kewwwl. And oh my god, they have the most delicious New Wave sound. It is like Cutting Crew with the singer from Toto. I am sure I don’t remember his name coz its not on my facebook friends list but I am so sure he has delicate hands. Like he got a manicure at Chez Lala’s, you know? I love them because it’s dancey, sassy and New Wavey and has cover versions - so it is sooo hip. It’s hip, right? Not their own songs or anything, r u silly? Anyway, it is not pop though. It is underground. So I am special for not listening to Kajagoogoo, but an underground band. Makes me so very special. - Alley “The Newwaveian”