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Torchbearer’s Warnaments album has been issued by Candlelight America through an imprint it calls Candlelight Cult Series. Nevermind that the word 'cult' is so over-used, misused and abused by record companies that all denotation and connotation has long been lost. Silly marketing by companies aside, the band does not do itself any favours either. With a name like Torchbearer, a corny title like Warnaments and members of that wimp-a-hola act Scar Symmetry in its ranks what hope could a metal fan harbour for this album?
Surprise, surprise then that despite all that Warnaments is still a fantastic listen with enough death and destruction to appear on the radar of the most fastidious of death and thrash fans. To be sure, the Swedes do insert a whiff of the accursed keyboards into the songs and the songs Where Night Is Total and The Blunted Weapon really go nowhere, but those songs aside, this disc is bristling with dynamic, exciting and varied intensity. The band deliberately, or not, mixes doses of Sentenced circa North From Here, Demonoid, Hypocrisy and early Amorphis to deliver the goods. The vocals vary between growl and gruff, the drums beat the ears to a pulp, yet the ace in the band’s arsenal is none other the guitars, both lead and rhythm. It is good to hear the band go for it and kick loose beyond the bare minimum most acts deliver nowadays. Warnaments is an impressive release that is made all the better given the low expectations surrounding its release. - Ali “The Metallian”