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What do you mean bands like this still exist? really? They are playing shows all over New Hampshire too? Wow! If years of corporate dilution and media indifference has not destroyed Troll then nothing will kill this band or heavy rock. Troll is a band which still mixes rock music with doom and heavy rock to play an organic stew of its own material. The singer is a little flat at the high end, but does a fine job instilling feeling into the music. He also induces a lot of mood into the songs. The music is reminiscent of old Scorpions, Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple or the more straightforward Saint Vitus songs. The guitars are used generously, the drummer lets loose and it is only the inadequate production that lets the band down. One can hardly fault independent bands though. My favourite songs are the harder ones, Meant To Be Free and Crazy Woman, but fans of '70s heavy rock will love all of this. Visit or e-mail Tom Mayo at for information. The CD features nine songs and is available for $10 (US). - Anna Tergel

Power starts things off and Troll’s power is presented for all to hear, however, the indications are of a hard rock band that struggles to escape the predictable, cliché lyrics and been-there-done-that songs. Midnight could as well be a Guns 'N Roses or White Lion ballad but Troll does get away with it both musically and with the aid of Tom Mayo’s vocals. Demon Killa takes aim at the Black Sabbath, Kyuss sound with a higher tempo than expected. By the time Sweet Love starts, Troll is sounding better and Army Of Lost Souls is turning out to be solid hard rock release. Eyes On You’s chorus doesn’t help it but is otherwise a decent song with crunchy guitars. Cold Dead Heart is a ballad not too unlike Midnight. Blood Of Our Enemies ups the tempo again but less effectively than some of the preceding songs. Hog Wild takes a bit of time to get going and it looks as if the band have tired out. The title track starts and is unlike what its title suggests as it is mostly acoustic and melancholic. - Anna Tergel