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Tyr belongs to the group of heavy metal acts that can do absolutely no wrong in the eyes of many a fan. Much like groups like Amon Amarth, Opeth and even Therion whatever the band from Faroe Islands releases is immediately described in jubilant terms normally reserved for sex with one’s sister in Alabama.
So is Tyr’s new album that good? At first glance, the idea that a folk metal band can release a good album seems ironic and given a title like Ragnarok there is further proof that things would look up. How many bands were called or have albums titled Ragnarok?
Ragnarok is a decent album nonetheless. Much better than the band’s previous output - apparently things have tightened up in the band’s camp - Ragnarok nonetheless immediately reminds one of Hammers Of Misfortune. It is the vocals of Heri Joensen which remind one of John Cobbett in both tone and feel. The man’s dramatic and folk art tone fits the group’s tales of history and mythology and sits comfortably atop of the band’s mix of crunch and melody. Apparently a concept album of sorts, the album features songs in several languages while various interludes and instrumentals add a certain epic feeling to the proceedings.
Tyr is not a great band, but a mixture of the band’s exotic location and apparent fan appeal has propelled it into the untouchable elite. Be that as it may Ragnarok is better than anticipated and a step towards longevity as opposed to a faddish yet meteoric career. - Ali “The Metallian”