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VOIVOD - VOIVOD (three-song advance) - CHOPHOUSE
Forget those logopathic reviews we'll all soon be reading in our dainty glossy magazines. Voivod is cool. These songs are just fun to blast loudly. The advance-CD features only three songs, but those are enough to reveal the new lineup of returning vocalist Snake, guitarist Piggy, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted a.k.a Jasonic and drummer Away have completed a dynamic metal album that both retains the core of Voivod and adds a certain sensibility to the whole experience thus making the material of interest to the metal fan again. How a former member of Metallica (yikes!) can join Voivod, whose last few albums (yikes!) have bored many a pants off, and compose and release a fast, heavy and interesting album is an enigma. What is not puzzling is how this album would be available at your local record store available for purchase, theft, whatever. Go ahead, give it a chance... told you, the review won't be technical. Well, neither is the album come to think of it! - Ali "The Metallian"

Voivod’s newest album is, in a literal sense, a morbid album. Recorded following the death of founding member guitarist Dennis “Piggy” D’Amour using bits and pieces of music he had left on his new computer, Katorz (the phonetic representation of French for 'fourteen' - the number of Voivod albums so far) was completed by the three surviving members.
Katorz is a strange piece of work and grounds for mixed emotions. While there are strangely offbeat songs on the album, as only Voivod can deliver, the album also contains a couple of downright abysmal songs. Ominously for the band’s future the album’s best part is the guitar crankiness of Piggy. His little oddities and twisted riffs and strums elevate songs like The Getaway, Dognation, The X-Stream and Polaroids into something special. Sillyclones, for instance, is a dreadful bare bore until the guitars kick in. Sandwiched in the middle of the album are the downright embarrassing Mr. Clean and No Angel. These songs go nowhere fast. Speaking of No Angel, the track is the perfect example of where singer Snake’s voice can cross the line from delightful weirdness to annoyingly off. Voivod has always prided itself on its trademark spacey feel. Having said that, there is not so much a fine line between vocals and whining and Snake occasionally misses that mark. Play tip: The X-Stream. - Ali “The Metallian”


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