Wimp-out – The Wimped Out And The Sold Out

Top 13 bands that changed and not for the better – 12.2021

Wimp out. \ ˈwimp\ \ ˈau̇t\ Bands often chicken out of heavy metal because they cannot sustain the power, they are weak and compromise, like to join the mainstream or have been captured and taken over by management or record company. These groups have settled for a less powerful and special activity. Instead of gracing the world with more metal albums these bands violate the listener with something less sublime now, yet there are individuals and outlets that have not caught on and lazily still value these releases. To still call a former metal band ‘metal’ even after the devolution or not be offended by inferior music on a wimped out album is the desperate act of desperate people and ridiculed by metal fans.

Here are the biggest bands that stumbled, deliberately and systematically abandoned their roots and turned their backs on themselves and their fans.

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Wimp out The Wimped Out And The Sold Out