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Wolfcry is a Greek hard rock and heavy metal band. The band is now over ten years old, but the instrumental and songwriting proficiency is not high. Furthermore, The album has its enjoyable parts, but despite that the act wears its influences too explicitly on its sleeve. These are good indicators of a band's immaturity. The album starts with Metamorphosis which strongly reeks of Painkiller-era Judas Priest. Elsewhere snippets of Iron Maiden, Helloween and Manowar are easily detected on one song or the other. Be it the Helloween melody on Vanguard or the Y&T riff on Saint / Sinner, Wolfcry's penchant for emulating its heroes takes away from the band's own stature. Having said that, ignoring the K&F on Endless Circle, Wolfcry is decent and armed with good intentions. Should the quartet channel its love for hard rock and heavy metal into something more nonconformist along with a louder and thicker guitar sound the band may actually have invested in a future for itself. - Ali "The Metallian"

How much wimpier can this whole scene get? Warfair might infer a certain heaviness to it given the title, but this album is veering the band even further into the realm of melodic rock. With the addition of a full-time keyboardist the listener knows he is in trouble, unless Wolfcry decides to concentrate all its energies to playing covers of pop songs - like the one recorded here.
Making matters worse is the flat guitar sound and the completely indifferent vocalist who shows as much energy, feeling or desire to be here as a fan of real heavy metal. Perhaps he is one of them?
Wolfcry’s Warfair is as serious or proficient in heavy metal as the artist who has drawn the members’ mug shots inside the album. What is next, good American beer? - Ali “The Metallian”

Well, well, well, this is an improvement for this Greek band. Should Wolfcry keep improving at the same rate in some ten years the band will have a really fantastic record. Glorious, in other words, is not quite that, but it is the band’s best work. On Glorious, the band has cut back on the stupid keyboards severely, limited the female vocals to an instance and ratcheted up the actual heavy metal. Wolfcry does have the K&F and the riffs are not always the best, but on this record, there are bona fide good songs like the true metal of Payback Time or the crunch of Vile Mind. The Golden Era is weak and so is the folk sound that begins the album’s closer, but let us applaud Wolfcry for taking the right steps. In fact, the disc begins with a replica King Diamond melody.
In order to consolidate its wins, Wolfcry must dump the offenders, get a better sound and that includes beefed up and thicker guitar tones.
This album arrived at Metallian Towers directly from the band. What good is a label that does not promote its bands? Here is an educated guess: the band has paid for its own recordings. No wonder the music business is in the dumps.
The band can be found at www.wolfcrymusic.com or contacted through wolfcry@hol.gr. - Ali “The Metallian”