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The new incarnation of Zyklon B (the preferred gas agent of the Nazis) featuring Emperor's Trym and Zamoth (aka Samoth) and Myrkskog's Destructhor, has put together a full length that has seen much advance publicity - much of it due to the obvious Emperor connections. The world of these worms leaves me decidedly of two minds. Zyklon harnesses quite a bit of speed and fury in its delivery and the lyrics - albeit without the benefit of a lyric sheet - seem quite misanthropic. A track like Hammer Revelation is certainly a no-holds barred assault. Similarly favourite track Worm World is a heads down death metal barrage that can't be faulted even by an Emperor detractor. Having said that, the songs, while managing other influences like Deicide (the good) and Samael (the bad), very often come across as little more than Emperor without the bothersome synthesizers. There really is a lot of comparative structure between the two bands for Zyklon to stand on its own. If you can accept that though, you can find contentment with a whirlwind death metal album from these Norwegians. - Ali "The Metallian"

After a four year absence the Norwegian band based around Emperor and Enslaved members is back and pushing its punishing death metal. With a name like that the band is not going to be going soft and getting away with it and Disintegrate is simply full of speed and crushing heaviness. Then again, there is little here than is extraordinarily or inordinately exciting. One has to admit that songs like Ways Of The World (great solo), Vile Ritual and, to a lesser extent, In Hindsight are pretty damn fast and heavy, but the album somehow still manages to fly by without much of a lasting impression. Of course, the more technical title track or the weak tracks Subversive Faith or Wrenched diminish the impact somewhat, yet it is the songs themselves that have a by-the-numbers feel to them. The album ends with Skinned And Endangered, which given how Zyklon is influenced by Morbid Angel, is one of those silly little offbeat things certain death metal bands place at the album’s conclusion. I am undecided whether this is an album to recommend or not, but should you get it check out for some surprisingly environmental and realistic lyrics. - Anna Tergel