Metallian Heavy

GOATHAMMER (Canada) has an album called Ceremony Of Morbid Destruction through Hells Headbangers on the 7th of December.

Calgary-based death/black metal band YE GOAT-HERD GODS has released a new demo entitled Ashes Shall Be Made Of Them. The songs are mixed and mastered by Gord Olson of DIVINITY and DEMISERY.

HAIDUK, the Calgary, Canada-based one man thrashing black and death metal project fronted by Luka Milojica, has a demo called Exomancer.

UK-based thrash metal band REAPER-X has signed with Sliptrick Records. An album called Rise is out soon.

KING DIAMOND‘s Songs For The Dead Live is a full-length video featuring two full shows filmed at Graspop Metal Meeting in 2016 and in Philadelphia, USA in 2015.

HIGH ON FIRE has pulled out of the Speed Of The Wizard co-headlining tour of USofA with MUNICIPAL WASTE, which also includes TOXIC HOLOCAUST and HAUNT. HIGH ON FIRE singer Matt Pike is having a toe partially amputated.

Finland-based black metal band GOATS OF DOOM’s Rukous album is out through Primitive Reaction on 07.12.2018.

CARNAL FORGE is back with an album called Gun To Mouth Salvation through ViciSolum Productions in January. Jari Kuusisto has returned to the band. Singing is Tommie Wahlberg. The band went on hiatus for three years in 2010.

Ottawa-based KILLITOROUS, featuring current and former members of SUFFOCATION, CRYPTOPSY, ANNIHILATOR, et cetra, is embarking on a Canadian tour in November and December including 29 dates in total in promotion of the upcoming recording AfterParty, which is set for release for 2019 as a follow-up to the 2014 debut Party, Grind.

Hammerheart Records has issued CRYPTOPSY’s The Book Of Suffering – Tome II EP.

Horror Pain Gore Death has issued a COATHANGER ABORTION/SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER/ROTTENNESS split record called The Hate Divide. Half the tracks on this release are mere cover versions.

Canada-based THE FLAYING has a single called The Elegy Of Emptiness through PRC MUSIC.

Sweden-based WULKANAZ’s self-titled album is out through Helter Skelter on the 26th of November.

LELAHELL is touring Europe. The monicker is Lelahell Alif Tour PART I.

INFERNAL MAJESTY is working on an album called Secrets. The band now features drummer Kiel Wilson (SEVERED SERENITY) and bassist Daniel Nargang (singer for KICK AXE).

INFERNAL CULT’s demo All The Lights Faded was released on July 29th. Hailing from Czech Republic, INFERNAL CULT is the solo project of Martjern.

Peru-based ROTTEN EVISCERATION’s Raped And Headless 2011 demo has been re-released through Blood Spattered Axe/Guts ‘N’ Blood Records.

BEHEMOTH’s I Loved You At Your Darkest was released through Metal Blade in North America and Nuclear Blast in Europe on October 5th. The band is touring North America with AT THE GATES and WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM.

Peru-based deathrash band MAZE OF TERROR has signed a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of a 2019 album. The band has also uploaded a couple of MP3s onto the web it calls Evoked Black Souls.

Portugal-based black metal band VETALA will issue the Retarded Necro Demential Hole album through Harvest Of Death on 25.12.2018.

GRAVEN has a single off its Heirs Of Discord EP. The new single is a cover version of HUMAN REMAINS’ Human. The group features bassist Teddy Patterson of BURNT BY THE SUN, HUMAN REMAINS and GRIDLINK now. The recordings took over a year given how the members live across the USA.

UK-based KILL ALL THE GENTLEMEN has an album entitled The Loss And The Rapture through Sliptrick Records on November 22nd. The band is opening for CRADLE OF FILTH in the Baltics this December.

CANCER will release a new album, called Shadow Gripped, through Peaceville on November 2. The record was taped at Foel studios in Wales with Simon Efemy.

DECEASED is back with an album called Ghostly White through Hells Headbangers this month.

USA-based death metal band LIVIDITY will issue its seventh full-length Perverseverance through Metal Age Productions on 30.11.2018.

Poland-based death metal act VITRIOL’s Pain Will Define Their Death will be issued by Everlasting Spew Records on 30.11.2018.

Turin, Italy-based mathcore band NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION will issue its Symbology Of Shelter album through Moment Of Collapse Records this month.

Metal Scrap Records has issued INIRA’s Gray Painted Garden and LOCUS TITANIC FUNUS’ Never Pretend albums.

Invictus Productions is distributing the debut demo of Italy’s THULSA DOOM, Realms Of Hatred, on cassette tape format. The band is compared to Chile-based PENTAGRAM.

The internationally dispersed OPHIDIAN FOREST has an album called Votive through Code666.

Death/doom band FERUM’s Vergence album will be issued by Everlasting Spew Records on the 14th of December. The band was formed in 2017.

Season Of Mist has signed VLTIMAS. The trio features Flo Mounier (CRYPTOPSY), David Vincent (ex-MORBID ANGEL) and Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen (ex-MAYHEM and AURA NOIR). An album is due in 2019.

GEHENNAH’s No Fucking Christmas! EP will be reissued for the first time on 12” Picture Disc through Critical Mass recordings this month. This title has been out of print for twenty years.

Portugal-based death/thrash metal group ASHES REBORN’s Contamination is out through Firecum Records.

Portugal-based NEFASTU has a 7” single called Obscura Transcendência through Purodium Rekords on 31.12.2018.

NO/MÁS’ Horror Pain Gore Death Productions’ debut Raíz Del Mal is out now.

The new KRAANIUM album is called Slamchosis and available through Comatose Music.

Japan-based industrial/thrash metal band CEMMENT has signed a deal with Agoge Records. The EP Resurrection From Carnage will be out in digital format soon.

Willy “Lange” Langenhuizen, bassist for Bay Area thrash metal band LÄÄZ ROCKIT, died in a motorcycle injury on October 23rd. He was 57 years old.

USA-based ORDER OF THE NAMELESS ONES shall issue an album called UTTER TO ME THE WORD OF WRATH through Iron Bonehead on 07.12.2018. Like many recent bands the membership is not revealed.

PROFANATICA’s Altar Of The Virgin Whore is out through Hells Headbangers on the 2nd of November.

Mexico-based VST’s The Beast Manifesto is out through Concreto Records.

Australia-based RITUALS’ Neoteric Commencements album is out through Sleeping Church Records. The band’s style is death metal. RITUALS features ex-members of DESTROYER 666, ANATOMY and ATOLAH and was founded in 2017.

Black metal band SARGEIST‘s Unbound is out through W.T.C. Productions.

Spain-based death/doom band SÖNAMBULA has signed a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of its second album, Bicéfalo, which is scheduled for the 18th of December.

Axa Valaha Productions and Pest Records (a Loud Rage Music division) have announced the upcoming release of the album from Costa Rica-based black metal band HERESY. Entitled Blasphēmia, the new material contains seven tracks.

Finland-based black metal band MORGAL has a self-titled MCD through Werewolf on the 30th of November.

Switzerland-based black metal act MOONFROST has issued a demo called III.

The debut EP of WARMARSHAL, a three-piece death metal outfit from Hyderabad, India, was released last month by Slaytanic Records. To Regain Lost Glory is dedicated to BOLT THROWER and especially its dead drummer Martin “Kiddie” Kearns.

Spain-based INSIGHT AFTER DOOMSDAY is back after four years and will release a new album, called Events Of Misery, through Art Gates this month.

Japan-based EVIL (no, not Shinzo Abe and his American masters) issued an album called The Gate Of Hell through Nuclear War Now! Productions on 21.10.2018.

Malta-based technical brutal death metallers ABYSMAL TORMENT have a video for the title track to The Misanthrope album issued through Willowtip.

Australia-based IVAN has an album called Memory through Solitude Productions.

GROG’s Macabre Requiems album is out through Helldprod Records on 01.12.2018. The death metal band was founded in 1996.

1914’s The Blind Leading The Blind is out through Archaic Sound.

Loud Rage Music has signed Romania-based DECAY and will issue its EP, Brand New Nails, in digital format.

TRAGODIA’S new album Before The Fall is out through Revalve this month.

Mexico-based SEROCS’ The Phobos/Deimos Suite is out through Everlasting Spew Records.

Italy-based melodic death metal band BLACK THERAPY has signed with Black Lion Records for a new album, called Echoes Of Dying Memories, in 2019.

Russia-based ABSENCE BETRAYAL’s Emotions demo is out now. The band is described as black and death metal.

Finland-based KRYPTAMOK’s Profaani is out through Helter Skelter on 26.11.2018. It was issued on cassette in the summer. It features metal scene veteran Hex Inferi.

CORPSEFUCKING ART’s full-length Splatterphobia is out through Comatose Music this month. The artwork is courtesy of Chris Moyen.

Canada-based OMNIPOTENCE has an album called Praecipitium through Iron Bonehead on the 7th of December.

Black metal band DESCHAIN’s self-titled demo is out now. The band was formed by Bryce Marley and Mike Lang in the summer of 2008 “with the intention of making vivid stories come to life through melodic soundscapes.”

DEFECAL OF GERBE Mothershit album shall be out through Xenokorp the 18th of January 2019. The band recently issued a compilation called Discolocauste: 2005-2018 – The Full Shit So Far.

The Netherlands-based WELTSCHMERZ has an album called Illustra Nos through Redefining Darkness Records. The band’s monicker ‘World Pain’ was a NAPALM DEATH track as well as a term coined by the German author Jean Paul.

Invictus Productions has issued BANEFUL STORM’s debut EP Invocations on CD and 12″ vinyl formats. This was the band’s 2017 demo.

NIRNAETH’s From Shadow To Flesh is out through Malpermesita. The band is compared to DISSECTION.

Finland-based black metal duo DISCIPLES OF THE VOID will issue its self-titled record through Primitive Reaction on the 7th of December 2018. As per recent trend the members do not reveal their identity, but the session drums were played by Trish Kolsvart who is known from URARV, ELÄNDE, CRAFT and NECRODELIRIUM to name a few.

MAYHEM is re-releasing Grand Declaration Of War (2000) for some reason. It is remastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano at the Orgone Studios (UK). The album is slated for re-release on December 7th. On further news, MAYHEM is releasing a unique box, containing not only both LP versions of Grand Declaration Of War, but also the 12″ LPs of Chimera (2004) and Ordo Ad Chao (2007), the 10″ EP of Wolf’s Liar Abyss (1997) and two 10″ EPs containing never released bonus tracks all bound together in a leather box.

Chicago, USA-based black/death band BLOOD OF THE WOLF has a compilation called Album I + II out through Horror Pain Gore Death. It features The Law Of Retaliation released In 2015 and II: Campaign Of Extermination released In April Of 2018.

Ukraine-based blackened death metallers SECTORIAL will release a full-length, entitled VYR, through Noizr Productions on November 9th.

Greece-based death metal band MASS INFECTION’s Shadows Became Flesh album will be issued by Comatose in December.

Denmark-based SINNRS has a demo called Profound. It is described as “orchestral black/death metal.”

Greece-based mallcore act FULL HOUSE BREW CREW, featuring the ROTTING CHRIST bassist Vagelis in its ranks, has released a new lyric video for Hollow God. The track is taken from the Me Against You album out through ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records this month.

Czech Republic-based DEPTHS ABOVE has a demo called Ex Nihilo. The band is described as black, doom and death metal.

Brazil-based HOLOCAUSTO’s Guerra Total demo is being distributed by Nuclear War Now! Productions for some reason.

FACELESS BURIAL’s new EP Multiversal Abattoir is out through Blood Harvest on the 7th of December.

Black Lion has signed American act HINAYANA and will be reissuing the debut Order Divine in 2018 and 2019. The doom/death band is currently working on a new EP expected to be released sometime next year.

Paul Ravenwood’s TWILIGHT FAUNA has issued Where Birds Sing My Name through Flowing Downward.

The Xeno-Korporation has signed France-based death metal act AD PATRES for the early 2019 release of the band’s new album, A Brief Introduction To Human Experiments.

The new FABULOUS DESASTER album, entitled Off With Their Heads, will be released by Black Sunset/MDD on November 16th. ‘Fabulous Disaster’ was the title for an EXODUS album.

Belgium-based ITERU has an album called Ars Moriendi through Helter Skelter and Regain Records. It was originally issued on cassette in 2017.

Hibernation, THE ART OF CONJURING’s debut full-length demo has been out since June. The band is compared to DEVIN TOWNSEND.

Belgium-based pagan metal act THEUDHO has an album called De Roep Van Het Woud through Heidens Hart Records. The label has also issued KJELD’s Banier Fan Frisia album.

USA-based funeral doom metal band RIGOR SARDONICOUS shall release a new demo, called Ridenti Mortuus, in remembrance of the cessation of WWI on November 11th, 2018.

The Russian brothers NOITATALID issued an album called Furies In The Steppes From Russia! through Music-Records last month. The band is compared to NAPALM DEATH.

Canada-based WURM FLESH’s Excoriation Evisceration is out through Comatose Music on 23.11.2018. The band was founded by guitarist/vocalist Rob Calhoun in 2014.

Sweden-based death metal band HERETIC LEGION has issued a demo called The Purge. The band was founded in 2012.

Nebular Carcoma has releases from AIWĪGAZ UNÐERGANGAZ and HEDENGANG. AIWĪGAZ UNÐERGANGAZ Afgrundssale is a rehearsal recording from the act. HEDENGANG’s Rehearsal is a twenty-minute recording that the label claims will place the listener in hypnosis.

NECROSLEEZER’s Pope Kill 12″ MLP/CD is out through Nuclear War Now! Productions. This is a project stemming from 1995 following BLASPHEMY’s dissolution and features BLASPHEMY singer and bassist Ace Gestapo Necrosleezer and BLASPHEMY drummer 3 Black Hearts Of Damnation. This material is the erstwhile Recruit For Conflict demo.

EXCITER has recruited guitarist Daniel Dekay (DIEMONDS) following the departure of John Ricci. Ricci and company were making a new album where, as usual, they split apart. The rest of the band claims ignorance of the reason for Ricci’s departure following the band’s return from Singapore.

Canada-based HUMAN AGONY’s Goring Christ is out through Invictus Productions on the 7th of December. The band is compared to BLACK WITCHERY and BLASPHEMY.

Metallian Hard

Montreal, Canada-based FRACTAL CYPHER has a new demo called Prelude To An Impending Outcome out on November 8th. It is the follow-up to 2016’s The Human Paradox.

Sliptrick Records will issue Sweden-based VEONITY’s Legend Of The Starborn album on November 27th. Legend Of The Starborn features the sequel to the space saga beginning on the previous album Into The Void.

Sweden-based heavy metal band MEAN STREAK, featuring former members of THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA and AXIA, has signed a multi-album deal with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. MEAN STREAK is in the studio to record its, as yet, untitled studio album for a release in early 2019.

France-based BORN AGAIN will issue its True Heavy Nation album through Pride & Joy Music on the 7th of December.

BUCKETS REBEL HEART’s 20 Good Summers is out through Pride & Joy Music on the 7th of December. The act is the new band formed by ex-BAD COMPANY and HUMBLE PIE guitarist Dave "Bucket" Colwell, along with former 720 and NEW TORPEDOES’ drummer Paul "Taff" Edwards. The line-up is completed by lead vocalist Jim Stapley and bass player Dave "Boycie" Boyce, previously of THE QUIREBOYS. The band made its live debut in June at the Sweden Rock Festival 2018.

EDWARD DE ROSA’s Zeitgeist album is out through Revalve. The album features Giacomo Voli (RHAPSODY OF FIRE) on vocals.

Diamonds Prod is issuing RUXT’s Back To The Origins album tentatively in January. The album features new drummer Alessandro “Attila” Fanelli.

BAD BONES’ High Rollers album is out through Sliptrick Records on October 23rd.

Sweden-based hard rock band STEELWINGS has signed a deal with Sliptrick Records, which will release the new album Back worldwide in 2019. The band’s current line-up features Tommy, Michael and Gert-Inge who have been in the band since the beginning.

JIZZY PEARL is supporting the All You Need Is Soul album through four shows in the UK this month.

Beating The Odds, a new video from JETBOY from the band's new album Born To Fly, which will be released through Frontiers Music on January 25th, features a spoken-word piece by Lemmy Kilmister.

Former TYGERS OF PAN TANG members singer Jon Deverill and guitarist Fred Purser and have a new project, PURSER DEVERILL. The band's debut album Square One leans to progressive rock and will be released through Mighty Music in December.

USA-based power metal band REVERENCE shall issue a live album entitled Vengeance Is…Live. The album features fifteen tracks and out through ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records in December.

India-based hard rock act OVERHUNG will be making its Canadian debut at this year's Indie Week in Toronto. The band is slated to perform two shows, Thursday, November 8th at Cherry Cola's and Friday, November 9th at Cavern Bar. In addition to the performances at Indie Week, the band will be performing select dates across Canada.

Italy-based MINDAHEAD has an album called reflections through Revalve.

Finland-based BEAST IN BLACK's From Hell With Love album is out through Nuclear Blast in November.

SOILWORK will issue an album called Verkligheten featuring new drummer Bastian Thusgaard through Nuclear Blast in January.

Folk rock has infested Canada now: TROLLWAR’s Oath of The Storm demo is out this month.

REAR NAKED CHOKE’s Rear Naked Choke album is out through Sliptrick Records. The band is based in USA.

Funeral doom metal band RIVEN has a demo called Hail To The King.

Funeral doom metal band RIGOR SADONICOUS has a demo called Ridenti Mortuus.

SUNRUNNER’s Ancient Art Of Survival was released through Minotauro Records on 26.10.2018. The band is described as heavy and progressive.

The Australian government is commemorating AC/DC's 45th anniversary by releasing a collection of coins featuring the band.

NWOBHM band RAVEN is touring North America with EXTINCTION A.D. and MOBILE DEATHCAMP. The band is recording a new album.

Northern Ireland-based mallcore band ORACLE has a demo called Tales Of Pythia.

HELLNITE’s Midnight Terrors will be released through Sliptrick Records in February. The previously Mexico-based act is based in Canada now.

Portugal-based atmospheric band THE CHAPTER has a demo called Angels And Demons.

Germany-based doom metal band CARRION MOTHER shall issue Nothing Remains through Ordo MCM on 19.01.2019.

Some corporate entity called Believe has bought a majority stake in Nuclear Blast. Setting aside the standard corporate press release Nuclear Blast owner Markus Staiger remains a stakeholder.

ANGEL OF DAMNATION’s Heathen Witchcraft is out through Shadow Kingdom.

Sweden-based progressive metal band SEVENTH DIMENSION’s The Corrupted Lullaby demo is out now. The demo is comprised of two acts.

Sweden-based hard rock band ELECTRIC EARTH will issue an album named Electric Earth through TYSS Music on November 3rd. Bassist and founding member Lyris Karlsson left in 2015. New bassist Mikael Tuved, and others, played bass on the record.

Belgium-based heavy metal band THORIUM, featuring former members of OSTROGOTH, has a self-titled debut album through Rock'N'Growl Records on November 9th.

Australia-based doom/stoner act SUMERU has released its Summon Destroyer album through WormHoleDeath.

LUCIFER'S FALL’s Tales From The Crypt is a compilation for the doom band out through Sun & Moon on 17.12.2018.

DOMINOE’s The Lost Radio Show is out through Pride & Joy Music this month. The recording was meant for a radio show that never happened and the music was partly lost due to a hard disc crash. It has been recovered and being released now.

MANOWAR guitarist Karl Logan has been charged with possession of child pornography. He was arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina in August. MANOWAR expects to have a new person for the continuation of its ‘farewell’ tour for 2019. Former MANOWAR guitarist David Shankle quickly announced his availability.

Italy-based progressive metal band LAST UNION featuring Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X) on bass, Uli Kusch (ex-HELLOWEEN, ex-MASTERPLAN) on drums and guest James LaBrie (DREAM THEATER) on vocals, has signed a multi-album deal with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. Founded by vocalist Elisa Scarpeccio, guitarist Cristiano Tiberi and keyboardist Claudio Feliziani in 2007 the band was originally known as BLAZING ICE.

MARTY FRIEDMAN will tour the USA in early 2019. A money-making and elitist scheme is in effect where fans can meet the man by paying extra.

SABER TIGER’s new album Obscure Diversity is out through Sliptrick Records. Simone Mularoni, guitarist of DGM and owner of the Domination Studio in San Marino, mixed it.

ETERNAL ODYSSEY, the new project featuring brothers Kent (vocals/guitars/bass) and ICED EARTH drummer Brent Smedley, has signed to Combat Records/EMP Label Group. The label will release its debut album Awakening on March 15th, 2019.

UK-based pop rock act SYTERIA, featuring Jackie Chambers of GIRLSCHOOL and previously Blitzkrieg, has released a new music video for the track Halloween. The song features cameos by Kim and Denise of GIRLSCHOOL.

Self-cover band: Jon Schaffer of ICED EARTH and his former PURGATORY band-mates have re-recorded five tracks stemming from the mid-‘80s. The EP will be called Purgatory and issued through Century Media on December 21st.

ICE WAR’s Manifest Destiny album is out through Dying Victims Productions on 23.12.2018.

Other labels are disgusted with their releases? Fighter Records disowns its other releases? Fighter Records “is proud to announce the signing” of JOSE RUBIO, a Spanish guitarist for the release of his fourth solo album that will be entitled Forbidden Dreams. It is out this month.

SHELTON CHASTAIN’s The Edge Of Sanity is a collection of songs worked on by guitarist David Chastain of CHASTAIN and singer Mark Shelton of MANILLA ROAD in the late ‘80s. The EP is being released by Leviathan on the heels of the death of Shelton.

DREAM THEATER keyboardist Jordan Rudess will tour the world using the monicker From Bach To Rock. It features DREAM THEATER’s music adapted for the piano.

Guitarist Jake E. Lee has told an interviewer that he was invited by OZZY OSBOURNE to rejoin him for the 2010 album Scream. Lee played on the Bark At The Moon and The Ultimate Sin albums. The contact served as the catalyst for the activation of RED DRAGON CARTEL. Scream would feature Gus G. instead.

ETERNAL DREAM’s Daementia album is out through Pride & Joy Music on 07.12.2018. The female fronted band is based in Spain.

Progressive Italy-based solo act GC PROJECT has an album called Two Of A Kind through Sliptrick Records.

LAST UNION just finished the work on their debut album, which was mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren.

Ukraine-based SORROWFUL LAND has an album called I Remember through Solitude Productions. The label has also issued VOIDHAVEN’s self-titled album.

MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson was honoured in his hometown of Jackson, Minnesota with his own day on October 9th. Elsewhere, ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE featuring ANTHRAX bassist Frank Bello and MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson will release its debut album Get It Out through Megaforce in January. This is a rock side-project.

QUEENSRŸCHE will release a new album, called The Verdict, through Century Media Records on March 1st. The release was produced, mixed and mastered by Chris "Zeuss" Harris.

Rockshots Records shall release KARMIC LINK's new album Dark Metropolis this month. The description indicates that metal fans should skip it, “nine tracks of dark industrial coldness with Mediterranean energy along with atmospheric landscapes, progressive and instrumental madness, electro breakdowns plus hard rock pentatonic moments.”

METAL CHURCH will release its next album, entitled Damned If You Do, through Rat Pak Records on December 7th. King Records distributes it in Japan.

U.D.O. has recruited Dee Dammers on guitar and Tilen Hudrap of PESTILENCE on bass. The new line-up is headed to Russia. Udo’s son remains on drums.

ANTONELLO GILIBERTO’s The Strategy Of Chaos demo will be out soon.

ZAKK SABBATH, a BLACK SABBATH cover band featuring Zakk Wylde (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and OZZY OSBOURNE), will perform on the second stage of the New Year's Eve Ozzfest in Los Angeles, USA.

Blood’s Thicker Than Love is the title for the new full-length from Texas, USA-based heavy rock band BLOOD OF THE SUN, which features drummer Henry Vasquez of SAINT VITUS.

STRYPER’s Oz Fox suffered a seizure while playing with SIN CITY SINNERS at Harrah's in Las Vegas on August 11th. STRYPER subsequently toured Australia and Japan without him as a trio only recruiting Howie Simon (GRAHAM BONNET) later for US shows. The long-time STRYPER man set up a GoFundMe for his medical expenses.

Switzerland-based hard rock band KING ZEBRA, featuring Eric St. Michaels (ex-CHINA) on vocals, has uploaded an MP3 and lyric video for the track Firewalker. It is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP.

MAGNUM will release another live album, Live At The Symphony Hall, through SPV/Steamhammer on January 18th.

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, TESSERACT and ASTRONOID will use the Automata II monicker for a North American tour in early 2019.

Slovakia-based melodic metal group ETTERNA will issue its debut album Chaotic through Sliptrick this month. The recording spans a year and a half.

KAMELOT has announced the second leg of its North American The Shadow Tour for the autumn of 2019. Support on the tour will come from SONATA ARCTICA and BATTLE BEAST.

Antichrist magazine has organized a tribute to ambient new age act BURZUM. It is set on November 1st and available on the magazine’s YouTube channel. Bands playing cover versions include WAN, SPLEEN, MOURNFUL WINTER and more. No word whether all bands are racist, homicidal or have other affinities to the act.

BRITISH LION and openers CONEY HATCH are conducting a Canadian mini-tour this month. BRITISH LION features IRON MAIDEN’s Steve Harris. LEE AARON guitarist Sean Kelly is touring with CONEY HATCH.

Should fans boycott musicians who support racism and racist figures?